As is their wont, Oxford University Press just announced their 2007 Word of the Year. And which word did they choose to immortalize? According to them, the word from 2007 to watch is….locavore.

What the?

Ok, maybe it was a really slow year for cool new words, but this seems pretty lame. According to the announcement, a locavore is a member of a movement that encourages consumers to buy from local producers or grow their own since local food is healthier and more environmentally friendly (blah…blah…blah).

This is a terrible choice. “Locavore” is not likely to become part of the lexicon. How many people outside of the locavore community even use the term? My guess: not many. I had not even heard of the word until today.

Of the runner-ups, I think either “cougar” or “tase” would have been a better choice. Although, I’m pretty sure “tase” has been in use for years as it is. But at least people actually use the term. You can even get it on a t-shirt.