Curse You Amazon!

KindleSo, after much discussion, the Misses decides that she wants the Amazon Kindle ebook reader for Christmas. She likes to read, and the device would allow her to literally carry dozens of books with her. So far, so good.

Now I had heard that Amazon had sold out of their initial inventory of the Kindle in five and a half hours, but I wasn’t too concerned about it. Amazon is a ginormous company, so I assumed that they would quickly get more inventory ready for market. So filled with holiday cheer, I logged into Amazon’s website and ordered my darling a Kindle.

However, after I had completed my transaction, I noticed that the order said that the Kindle would not be delivered before December 24th. That’s right…Christmas Eve. So unless Amazon plans on using Santa for their shipping, the Misses won’t have her present in time for the holiday.

This really sucks. Doodle and I will both be able to enjoy our presents on Christmas while the Misses won’t have anything under the tree. I’ll probably feel a little bit guilty too, since the present I’m getting is going to be so awesome. And it’s all going to be Amazon’s fault.


  1. You’ll just have to buy something else for her to open on Christmas. Maybe a new book to keep her occupied until the new book reader arrives. (Why does she need to carry around a dozen books at a time anyway? I’ll have to ask her about this.)

  2. According to some folks on Amazon’s discussion forums, the Kindle’s might be shipping sooner than expected. But I’m still going to try to find a backup gift just to be safe.

  3. Backup gifts are always a good idea!

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