Short Kindle Pseudo-Review

Now I had planned on putting together a geeky little review of the Misses’ Kindle (with pictures and everything!) after it arrived. However, since arrival, the Misses has pretty much had the device in her possession at all times. She loves the thing. So based solely on seeing how she has responded, I would have to say that Amazon has gotten quite a lot right with this device. It will be interesting to see what changes they make in the next version of the reader.

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  1. Well, after my Kindle arrived, my husband realized how much he wanted to have his own, and we have number 2 on order. Unfortunately we have no idea when it will arrive, and now I feel a bit guilty enjoying my Kindle so much. The NYTimes is great, I love Atlantic Monthly, I have sent several free books to my Kindle, I have sent my iPhone user guide in pdf format, and I have purchased about 10 books. I do truly love it this device. If you are a reader, this is for you.

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