While I don’t read as much as I should, I’ve always enjoyed going to bookstores. Part of the allure is probably the fact that they usually carry Moleskines and other snooty notebooks. But I’m also drawn to the books. There’s just something very appealing about a place stocked with rows and rows of books.

Books hold out all sorts of promises, whether they be about poetry, philosophy or how to lose that unwanted weight. This promise is part of why I find bookstores appealing. I’m caught up in the romantic notion that I can broaden my mind an make myself a better person through books.

Now the obvious flaw in all of this is that I need to actually read some of the books in order to realize any of the promise I find so appealing. No one has ever improved themselves or their lives simply by going in a bookstore, have they?

Well, I can think of one instance. Five years ago today, I met the Misses for the first time at a local Barnes and Noble. My life began to improve after that visit, and it has continued to improve everyday since then.

Happy Valentine’s Day!