For me, part of the fun in parenting is watching Doodle develop her own little personality and the quirks that go with it. One of her most recent quirks is her morning bagel.

Typically we give her some formula right after she wakes up in the morning. This works out pretty well since she usually wakes up demanding requesting it. Once she finishes that, we get her dressed and let her watch Spongebob or Mickey Mouse (whom she calls “Mikey” for some reason) while we get ready for work.

We give her half of a mini-bagel to keep her occupied while watching the tube. Some days she eats all of the bagel. Some days she just nibbles on it. And some days she seems only interested in holding onto it like some kind of weird security blanket.

Naturally, she has to take it with her on the ride to daycare. If she hasn’t eaten it by the time we get there (most times she doesn’t), she wants to keep it with her while I drop her off. This has happened often enough that I think she’s probably known as the bagel girl there.