Although I voted for her husband twice, I don’t believe I would vote for Hillary Clinton should she run for the presidency in 2008. I have mixed feelings about Bill, but Mrs. Clinton has never struck me as much of a leader. Certainly she has a strong following among Democrats, particularly the more left-wing variety, but I don’t believe she can inspire much trust and confidence in the minds of the average voter. Jacob Weisberg spells out her problem pretty clearly in this article in Slate (Via RealClearPolitics).

Her basic problem boils down to this:

But she still lacks a key quality that a politician can’t achieve through hard work: likability. As hard as she tries, Hillary has little facility for connecting with ordinary folk, for making them feel that she understands, identifies, and is at some level one of them.

This is not a minor issue either. While one would hope that voters would mature once they leave high school, popularity is still a motivating factor with voters. If voters don’t like you, it makes it difficult to convince them to give you their support.