A company called Insound Medical has developed a new hearing aid that is worn deep in the ear canal. It’s called Lyric and it sits within four millimeters of the eardrum. Supposedly this allows for more natural sound since less amplification is required. It also means that the device is completely out of sight.

The Lyric can be worn 24 hours a day, and the battery is said to last up to 120 days. I’m assuming the 120 day mark can only be achieved by turning the devices off at night. But is it still pretty exciting to imagine a hearing aid that you can wear for a couple of months without having to fidget with it.

Now like any cutting edge technology, it doesn’t come cheap. Since the battery isn’t removable, the entire device has to be replaced once the charge is spent. The company basically has a subscription plan where you around $3000 a year for devices for both ears. And like all things hear aid related, insurance doesn’t cover it. Hopefully, the program with gain wide acceptance and drive the costs down.