It appears the some of the good people of Portland have become concerned about the effects of gentrification in certain neighborhoods. As is frequently the case, neighborhood renewal is pushing minorities out of certain neighborhoods. So what are they doing about it? Having meetings to discuss the issue, of course.

Will these discussions help minorities qualify for more home improvement loans or city grants? I doubt it. And some of those affected by the gentrification are pessimistic as well.

“Where’s this meeting going?” Mr. Booker, 85, said in an interview days later. “No place. People get there and vent their frustrations, but who hears it?”

Several blacks echoed that concern in interviews after the meetings, while many whites — and the audiences were overwhelmingly white — said the meetings had been invaluable in helping them see another point of view. Whites often nodded sympathetically, even gasping at times, as they heard blacks tell stories of discrimination and of feeling betrayed by the city in its quest for economic development.

I’m sure the sympathetic nodders will feel better about themselves though, so it all works out in the end.