New Kindle!

Well, I’ve officially joined the e-book revolution. My brand new Kindle arrived yesterday. I would have done some geeky unboxing photos, but I decided it would be more fun to just tear into the box and start playing with the device right away.

Since I’ve used the Misses’ Kindle on a few occasions, there haven’t really been any surprises so far. I fired up the wireless connection and downloaded a couple of book samples. I also spent quite a bit of time browsing looking for some freebies. I found lots of cool stuff, but the formatting of the books leaves a little to be desired.

My only concern at this point is whether I should stick with the case that came with it or buy something nicer.

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  1. Congrats on joining the Kindle whatever it is. And thanks for link to – I wasn’t familiar with it. I’ve started a weekly podcast about the Kindle, uploaded Fridays, available at the iTunes Store and at . I’m finding this is a passionate community of readers and techies, great fun. Welcome, Mr. Grouchypants!

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