This past weekend I finished reading my first complete book on the Kindle, “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer. It’s billed as “science fiction for people that don’t read science fiction”. At least that’s how the Misses billed it. And all in all, I’d have to say that I enjoyed it.

It’s basically Invasion of the Body Snatchers told from the perspective of one of the body snatchers. I thought Meyer’s did a pretty good job of having the main character develop over the course of the story. And she created some interesting characters for the human resistance. My only complaint was that some passages got a bit too Harlequin Romance for my taste, but those were rare enough not to pose a major problem. I’d definitely recommend this book (in fact, I’ll go ahead and recommend it now!).

As far as the Kindle goes, I’m enjoying it more the longer I use it. I’ve done a good bit of reading in bed, and it’s much easier to deal with than a standard paperback would be. And I’m even getting in the habit of taking it with me. I killed a little time while waiting to see my audiologist the other day by reading a bit of Storm Front.