Of all the remarks I’ve seen about Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, I think my favorite is one from the blogger Cobb. He called Palin the “Dirty Jobs” candidate. This pretty succinctly captures the appeal she has for lots of working class voters.

I think the Democrats (and lots of Republicans too) misread what Palin brought to the McCain ticket. They assumed that she was simply chosen to appeal to disgruntled female Hillary voters. While I’m sure that went into McCain’s calculation, I’m pretty sure McCain was also looking towards working class voters with his pick.

And the Democrats have only made things worse for themselves by attacking her in the way they have. Portraying her as a hick mayor of a backwoods town might win them applause from a liberal audience, it is only going to alienate small town voters. Obama is going to have enough trouble with them as it is.