Liar, Liar

Like most parents probably do, we consider out child to be the cutest, sweetest, smartest kid around. It’s pretty natural for us to be biased towards our children after all. But parents must also try to be objective and not be blinded to their kids’ faults. So in the spirit of objectivity, I have to admit something about The Girl*.

She is a HUGE liar.

Granted…most of the lies are about pretty minor things. But that doesn’t change the fact that she lies. A lot. And with great gusto. This is a transcript of a common argument we have with her over the dampness of her diaper/pullup.

Us: Are you wet?
The Girl: Nnnooooo…..
Us: Are you sure?
The Girl: NO! I am clean! (Technically, she says “I am queen!” since she hasn’t mastered the use of L’s.)

Typically, this discussion ends with one of us checking her diaper to find it completely saturated with urine.

Additionally, I am still trying to track down the alligator that she said bit her on the forehead at daycare. I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that the bruise she got was not actually alligator-related.

Of course, most of the time, her lying is pretty cute. And we’re not too concerned about it right now. I figure she’s just being “creative”. Naturally we are eventually going to teach her that it is important to be honest and that one shouldn’t lie.

And if she doesn’t buy into it right away, I’ll just tell her that Santa is watching her and won’t bring her anything for Christmas if she lies.

* We’ve gotten out of the habit of referring to her as “Doodle”. So from this point on, I’ll be calling her “The Girl”.

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  1. Aww. I’m kinda sad to see “doodle” go.

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