Given the fact that my blog is titled “Mr. Grouchypants”, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I have been known to be cranky from time to time. Some might even say that I can be downright surly. (In my defense, the only people who say that are folks that know me.)

But I don’t constantly walk around angry with the world (sometimes I drive around). And it’s not so much the world that I have a problem with as it is the people inhabiting said world. They just seem to have a knack for doing stuff to trigger my white hot rage or mild annoyance depending on the particular offense.

Yet from time to time, people do things to make me regret wishing for that cool Force choke grip thing that Darth Vadar does.

Take today for example. I was going to Target to pick up a sandwich for lunch, as well as a copy of Sleeping Beauty for The Girl. Normally they have a couple of express lanes open around lunchtime. But today they decided they wanted to see if they could raise my blood pressure a bit, so they only had one express lane open (complete with a ridiculously long line). So I moseyed on over to one of the regular lanes that only had a couple of folks in line.

It seemed that I miscalculated just a tad when choosing a lane though, since the woman in front of me had more items in her cart than I initially thought. So I began cursing my luck and having Sith Lord fantasies. But before I could get even get a good slow burn going, the lady in front of me offered to let me go ahead of her.

And just like that, my faith in humanity was restored just a bit. The sun seemed a little brighter, the humidity seemed to drop just a bit, and things seemed a little more pleasant.

At least until I discovered that the Sleeping Beauty dvd was four dollars more than I was anticipating. Damn you Target.