As you can see, I have once again tweaked the layout of this site. I’m going for sort of a minimalist design this time. I also included a random picture gallery that I plan to update each week. I hope to eventually create a separate gallery page as well, but I need to do some more research on how exactly to set that up first.

While I was busy slaving away at the PHP and CSS behind the scenes, The Misses told me that she didn’t think I could go two months without changing tweaking things again. She even tried to get me to make a bet with her on whether I could actually manage it. Now I enjoy a challenge as much as the next guy. (Ok, not really…challenges tend to be challenging and require work and stuff.) Regardless, I have decided to accept her wager.

So I will leave the theme as-is until at least New Year’s Eve. And I might even start posting actual content as well.