Brad Paisley just released a new album entitled “Play”. It is a bit of a departure for him. His albums can generally be described as pickin’ and grinnin’, since they contain his particular brand of humor accented by his significant guitar chops. This album, however, is practically all pickin’ since only 5 of the 15 songs actually feature vocals. The vocal tracks are pretty good, but the emphasis here is clearly on the guitar.

Personally, I’ve pretty happy with the album so far. I’ve been a fan of Paisley for quite a while now, but the complaint I’ve always had with him is that he didn’t feature enough instrumentals. The new cd definitely corrects that as it contains Paisley doing some really nice work on songs ranging from Surf Rock to Jazz. Of course, it might not be for everyone or even for every Brad Paisley fan. The Misses initially wanted me to get her a copy of the cd when it came out, but changed her mind once I told her how guitar heavy it is.

But if you are a fan of Paisley’s axe work, then you’ll love this album.