Now that the election is finally over, I’m starting to wish that I hadn’t followed it so closely. When I first heard about Obama, I was pretty optimistic about him. The early stories on him made him sound like a generally centrist politician who was willing to work with Republicans. Since I already had a pretty low opinion of Hillary, I was hoping that Obama would beat her out for the nomination.

But as the Democratic primaries wore on, I became less and less impressed with him. In retrospect, I think his speech on Rev. Wright was the point where he really began to lose me. Using his grandmother as he did really turned me off. This was the woman that raised him after all. And yet he basically threw her under the bus in order to get his rear end out of a political bind.

The long and short of it is that by the time election day rolled around, my initial feelings of optimism were all but gone. Of course, my negative opinion of him doesn’t mean that he will be a bad president. And the election of a black man as president is a momentous event regardless of what you think of the particular man elected. But at this point at least, the positive feelings I might have for the historical nature of the election are outweighed by my reservations about how he will actually govern.

Being an amateur know-it-all, I generally don’t like to be proven wrong. In fact, I absolutely hate it. But in this instance, I really hope my opinion of Obama is off the mark.