Because I love The Misses so, I went with her to see Twilight this past Friday. It’s based on the wildly popular series of books by Stephanie Meyer, and is basically a chick flick with vampires, so I wasn’t all that jazzed about seeing it . However, I took The Misses to see Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie, so I suppose I sort of owed it to her.

As I said, it’s a chick flick, and came with a built-in audience based on the popularity of the books. I imagine that the majority of the people in the audience with us were fans of the book. And by “people” I mean “women”. I was one of only a handful of dudes adrift in a sea of estrogen. One of said dudes was a couple of seats over from us and engaged me in a brief conversation about football. The Misses is convinced that he was just attempting to assert his masculinity, and she’s probably right.

Fortunately, it was a school day, and we went to the morning showing. That means that we avoided the teenage fan crowd which makes up a large portion of the books’ following. It was just us, the ersatz John Madden, and a few dozen fans watching the tale of Edward and Bella sitting in a tree (quite literally at one point).

So how was the movie? Since I didn’t read the books, I can’t really comment on how well it translated the story to the big screen. But as far as chick flicks go, it’s not bad. On a chick flick scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being Sweet Home Alabama and 10 being Benny and Joon, I’d give it a 6. It was a little sappy, but none of the characters made me want to gnaw my own leg off to get away or anything.

As far as a vampire movie goes, it was a little weak. The clan Edward belongs to are a kinder and gentler sort of bloodsuckers and refuse to feed on humans. They also come across as being a bit wussified too. When Bella is threatened by a couple of other vampires, the Cullen clan decide to take her on the run rather than just saying, “Look, there’s seven of us and two of you. Leave her alone and we won’t rip your heads off.” like any self-respecting vampire clan would do. So on a vampire movie scale with 1 being the big steaming pile that is John Carpenter’s Vampires and 10 being the totally awesome awesomeness that is Blade, I’d have to give Twilight a 5. There’s only one vampire fight, and it isn’t all that impressive.

Now in the film’s defense, they didn’t have a huge budget, so that probably explains why the fight wasn’t Blade cool or anything. And since the movie made 70 million bucks it’s opening weekend, it’s definitely going to get a bigger budget for the sequel. That’s one of two reasons I’m optimistic that I’ll enjoy the sequel more than this movie.

And what’s the second reason? Two words….

First word: More
Second word: WEREWOLVES!

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  1. so it won’t make me puke. good to know!

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