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It has been said that ignorance is our most expensive commodity. Apparently it is also one of our most prevalent as well if the civic literacy report from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) is any indication. The ISI conducted a quiz which consists of 33 civics questions and found that 71% of respondents received a failing score. The overall average on the quiz was 49%. The only people who might find anything positive in the results are egalitarians, since the ignorance is spread pretty evenly among age, gender, education, and income groups. What is perhaps the most disturbing thing about the results is that people who have held some sort of elected position performed even worse than the average citizen.

You can take the quiz here and see some of the major findings of the survey here.


  1. You’re not going tell us you scored? I got 22 out of 33 (66%). Not as bad as most.

  2. I made 31/33 or 93%. I will be insufferably smug the rest of the day.

  3. I got 32/33. The Gettysburg Address question tripped me up.

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