While the software underlying this site is WordPress, I actually built this blog on rock and roll. I was able to do this by virtue of of the fact that I have an extensive collection of happenin’ music. But the inherent coolness of my stash of compact discs is counterbalanced by the totally uncool clutter problem it creates. So rather than allowing the cds to languish in assorted U-Haul moving boxes, I have decided to streamline my collection.

I’m going to sort through my recordings and determine which albums should stay and which should go. Since I do most of my music listening with an mp3 player these days, I suspect that I’ll part with quite a few cds.

But wait…there’s more.

As an added bonus to the reader, I plan to document the sorting process on this very blog. That’s right! Around once a week, I’m going to give an update on which albums I’m keeping and which are getting the boot. This will serve two very important purposes. First, it will give me added motivation to actually sort through my cd collection. And secondly, it will allow everyone on the internets to see how wicked cool my music collection is. Yeah me!