Recently in his Best of the Web feature, James Taranto commented on an article by Slate’s Timothy Noah dealing with why working class people don’t vote for Democrats in larger numbers. Taranto argues that part of the language that Democrats use when discussing working Americans. He feels that the phrase, “working class”, itself is insulting. I’m not sure that is a big issue with blue collar workers. Lots of them probably think of themselves as “working class” people anyway.

However, I’m pretty sure that they many of them do feel insulted by Democrats. Just look at the way that Democrats phrase the problem. They basically start from the assumption that there must be something wrong with working Americans if they don’t vote for the Democrats. They then proceed to try to analyze the voters to discover what could be the cause of their ignorance at the voting booth. Just look at the subtitle of the Noah piece, “Are Bush Supporters Literally Insane?”. He does at least conclude that they are not in fact insane. But the fact that the question is even posed is a problem for the Democrats. The majority of voters are not insane. They are also not stupid, and I’m pretty sure that they pick up on the condescension behind the Dems fretting over why they can’t get enough voters to wise up and vote for them.

Sure the GOP loves rich people. Both parties do. And I imagine that lots of times the Republicans are just paying lip service to issues that working people care about. But at least they are paying lip service to them. The Democrats seem to expect the voters to accept the patronizing attitude from the Dems and vote for them anyway. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like an insane way to win voters over.