I’ve decided to rename the blog. Out with the old and busted “Mr. Grouchypants” moniker, in with the new hotness of “Up In The Top”. I’m still debating whether to maintain the grouchypants.net domain or transfer the site to upinthetop.com (which is currently available). Hopefully the new name will inspire some new posts in short order, because I’ve been in quite a rut lately.

As for the origin of the new title…I got the idea from something The Girl says pretty regularly. You see, my study/dork cave/office is located in a bonus room over our garage. Obviously, this is where I do the majority of the work on the blog. The Misses also has her computer in the bonus room, so she is up here from time to time. When I bring The Girl home in the afternoon, she will sometimes notice if the lights in the bonus room are shining through the small window over the garage. She will then announce, “Mama’s up in the top!”