Seasons Change

Sometimes it’s funny to look back at your younger self. If that younger self tried to mimic MacGyver’s hairstyle, it can be downright hilarious. But most of the amusement comes from seeing how much your point of view can change over the years.

Like most teenagers, I naturally assumed I had everything figured out. Sure, I would learn new facts as I got older, but my basic worldview would remain the same. Needless to say, I was pretty full of it.

A perfect example of this was my taste in music. During the 80’s, I tended to gravitate towards acts like U2 and Bob Dylan. These were serious musicians who seriously address important topics of great seriousness. And I considered myself a seriously serious guy, so I tried not to waste my time with silly pop music like Duran Duran.

I did make exceptions from time to time. I liked Tiffany even though she sang bubble gum pop. And I didn’t even hold it against her that she was a total hottie. But for the most part I tried to focus on meaningful music like “We Are The World” and whatnot.

But these days, I just can’t get into stuff like “Ebony and Ivory” anymore. I’d much rather listen to “Mexican Radio” or “Hungry Like the Wolf”. I still like U2, but they finally stopped being so brooding and started just rocking out. My younger self would probably think that I have sold out or something. But he would also go out in public wearing a purple ALF t-shirt, so I’m not going to worry about that too much.

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  1. Funny stuff. I knew eventually Duran Duran would get to you and I always knew about the Tiffany stuff, hence me getting you that tape for Christmas one time.

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