It looks like The Chronicles of Narnia had a pretty good opening weekend, raking in close to seventy million dollars. I’ve not read the Narnia books, but I am a fan of some of Lewis’s other work (particularly the Screwtape Letters), so I’ll probably get around to seeing the movie eventually.

While I haven’t seen the movie, I have enjoyed the debate that its release has sparked. It seems that some people are upset that the story contains Christian allegories and could be used as propaganda by churches across the country. This is a bit much. Lewis was the biggest Christian apologist of last century, not one of the biggest, THE biggest. So the fact that the Narnia books contain Christian elements is as surprising as the revelation that the Pope is Catholic. I’d be willing to bet that if a movie is based on Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy, there would be elements in it which would be critical of organized religion. Would the people upset with the Narnia movie wring their hands over any anti-religion themes in a Dark Materials movie? Not likely.

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