This weekend we went to our local Staples to get some writing tablets for The Girl. We’re planning on using them to help her work on writing her letters. Plus it gave us an excuse to shop for office supplies (yea!).

Once we were done there, we decided to stop by Lenny’s to pick up dinner since it is in the same shopping center as Staples and just happens to be the best sub shop EVER! Sadly we were denied their sandwichy goodness. They had closed early because they had run out of bread. What the? What kind of sub shop lets themselves run out of bread? That’s like an engineer letting himself run out of dorkiness.

But run out they did, so I was forced to dejectedly walk back to the car sandiwchless. Along the way I noticed a car with a couple of bumper stickers. They read “Jesus Sucks” and “Jesus Lies”. Not surprisingly, there were also a couple of Darwin fish decals as well. Of course, the joke with the Darwin decals (old as it might be by now) is at least clever. The bumper stickers are just stupid.

I’m sure the driver of the car assumes that Christians are mistaken about the nature of Jesus, and that he was either just some crazy preacher or a complete fabrication. Now if Jesus is a complete fabrication he can’t very well lie since he doesn’t exist. And if he was just another dude, then he is most sincerely dead by now. And dead men don’t lie.

If the stickers had read “Jesus Sucked” and “Jesus Lied”, then they would make much more sense chronologically. They would still be juvenile and lame, but they would at least avoid being illogical.